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Handblown Glass

For me, glass is a medium that incorporates both preplanning and spontaneity.  As most works are completed within a single session it is important to understand how I want to blend the color with the fluidity of the glass towards its final form.  But, at the same time, allow the medium to push back and suggest new directions and possibilities.  

I want my finished pieces to be become part of everyday living for the collector.  Something that they can find soothing, reflective and that will provide utility.  The vase pieces will be enhanced with the addition of fresh or dried arrangements.  The bowls both serve as centerpieces as well as providing receptacles for the food of the day.

As well as being a visually stimulating medium, glass is also highly tactile.  The smoothness of the finished piece encourages the owner to hold the piece and enjoy the curves.  I enjoy that the fact that the art of this medium is not limited to the visual spectrum.

Guy Hollington - 2017


If you see something on the site that grabs your attention, please contact me.  I'm happy to chat about any of my work and answer questions about the process, or just general questions about glassblowing.  I even sell pieces from time to time.

You can also look at my events page for stores and events where you can see my work for yourself.

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Guy Hollington


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See something on the site that you like but it's sold, or not the right color or too big, small?  Or perhaps you need a bunch of the same type of item?

While each blown glass piece is unique, pieces can usually be repeated with small variations in size and pattern.  Please contact me if there is something specific you are looking for.

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