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Add a bright splash to everyday living.  These tumblers come in a wide range of colours and a set can be homogeneous or mixed and matched.

Large Tumbers

These colourful larger tumblers stand about 5.5" high and comfortably hold 12oz of liquid. 2 for $45


These colourful tumbers stand about 5" high and comfortably hold 6oz. Designed to feel comfortable in the hand and look great on the table. Available in multiple colours. 2 for $45

Tumbers with Jug

Need a jug to go with the tumbers? This hand blown jug holds over 1.5L and stands 9" high. $80

Cane Tumbers

Made from individual rods of glass cane fused together, these distinctive tumblers are eye catching. Approx 5" high, hold 6+ oz of liquid. 2 for $55


Fire Tumblers! Red, yellow and orange decorate these 6+oz tumblers. 2 for $45

Dutch Blue

These dutch blue tumblers hold 6+oz of liquid. Approx 5" high. 2 for $45

Spring Tumbler

Blue, yellow and white adorn this 5" 6+oz tumbler 2 for $45

Sunflower Yellow! 2 for $45

Dessert Cups!

My dessert cups provide a fresh splash of colour and whimsy to the dining table.  They are free-blown cups sitting on “blown feet” and have softly fluted edges.  Each cup is subtly different, yet forms a homogenous set. 


Great for fresh fruit and cream Colour: Green/Yellow Mix 4 for $80 Shown with serving bowl ($40)

Party Frit

Perhaps the most popular colour. Colour: Party Frit 4 for $80


Got Gelato? Colour: Yellow/Orange 4 for $80

Lilac and Yellow

Colour: Lilac and Yellow 4 for $80


Perfect for Ice Cream Colour: Party Frit 4 for $80

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